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To provide an overview of the latest news & trends exhibited across Hong Kong and Global property markets. With expert commentary and opinion, we keep you up to date on property happenings both near and far.

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【Tax Deduction for Domestic Rent】A Guide to Eligibility & Allowable Deduction

A comprehensive guide to understanding tax deduction for domestic rent in Hong Kong. Find out who is eligible and how to claim a maximum $100,000 deduction.

04 MAR 2023

【U.S. Interest Rate】How will it affect the cost of housing mortgages?

The U.S. interest rate hike has shaken the global market. Under the Fed Interest Rate Decision, how can property buyers smartly choose their H Plan or P Plan?

11 JAN 2023

Hiring | Property Agent

We have set up a branch in Mid-Levels West against the market and are actively recruiting. If you are interested in joining us, please apply online.
[Apply Now]

15 NOV 2022

Hong Kong Economic Times | Woodlands Terrace

Mid-Levels West is located at No. 4 Woodlands Terrace. The developer is K. Wah. It was occupied in 1990. The property is a single-block design, and all provide 25 units, all with a usable area of 600 square feet.

18 AUG 2022

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