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To provide an overview of the latest news & trends exhibited across Hong Kong and Global property markets. With expert commentary and opinion, we keep you up to date on property happenings both near and far.

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ONE STANLEY - A Brand New, Exquisite, and Exclusive Aristocratic Mansion in Southside

K&K Property presents ONE STANLEY, a truly rare and magnificent coastal residential development in Stanley. Situated within a serene, low-density setting along Stanley's picturesque coastline, ONE STANLEY overlooks the sparkling azure waters and clear blue skies beyond. Conceived as a timeless architectural masterpiece, its design is led by renowned international architect Robert A.M. Stern and his esteemed team, crafting luxurious homes that harmoniously blend with Nature's natural beauty.

31 MAY 2024

Stamp Duty Refund Policy and ASMTP Heat Up Property Market in Hong Kong

Detailed analyses of the impact of the Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals (ASMTP), Top Talent Pass Scheme & Stamp Duty Refund policy in HK.

05 AUG 2023

Hong Kong Monetary Authority Loosens Mortgage Ratios: Properties Priced Under 15 Million HKD Can Borrow Up to 70% - Clear Review of the New Policy

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) recently announced a relaxation of mortgage ratios, the first time in more than a decade. For properties priced under 15 million HKD, buyers can now obtain a mortgage loan of up to 70%. This article will provide a detailed introduction to the new policy and analyze its impact on prospective market entrants.

22 JUL 2023

School Net 18: Top Schools & Properties in HK's Southern District

Everything to know about primary schools in School Net 18, the biggest catchment area on Hong Kong island, and property recommendations in Southern District.

22 JUN 2023

School Net 14 & 16: Eastern District School List and Property Recommendations

Understand POA Strategy in School Net 14 and School Net 16. Guide to choosing your dream school and property in Eastern District, Hong Kong.

07 JUN 2023

Why is School Net 11 a Parent’s Dream? Best Catchment Area and Stunning Apartment Options around Mid-Levels

Seeking the Best Primary Schools? School Net 11 is the catchment area that offers prestigious schools and stunning apartment options around Mid-Levels in Hong Kong

31 MAY 2023

School Net 12 Central Allocation Results Highlights and Property Recommendations in the Catchment Area

Tips on school net 12 Primary One Admission, top property options around English Primary Schools and the "must-have" list of properties that you should avoid.

29 MAY 2023

Top 10 Hong Kong International Schools(HK Island): Fees and Curriculums Overview 2023

Overview of Hong Kong Island International Schools Fees and Curriculums, including Singapore International School, Canadian International School, HKIS, ESF and more.

19 MAY 2023

【Primary One Admission】Hong Kong Island POA School Net & Areas Covered

Tips on finding the best primary schools and properties in Hong Kong in school nets 11,12,14,16 and 18 ahead of the primary one admission process.

12 MAY 2023

Hong Kong Economic Times | Olympian Mansion

Located on the upper section of Conduit Road in the western Mid-Levels, Olympian Mansion is a well-established luxury residential estate known for its practical layout and proximity to the Mid-Levels escalator. One of its standout features is the availability of rare and spacious five-bedroom units, making it an ideal choice for large families.

28 APR 2023

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