School Net 18: Top Schools & Properties in HK's Southern District

Everything to know about primary schools in School Net 18, the biggest catchment area on Hong Kong island, and property recommendations in Southern District.

School Net 18 is the biggest Primary One Admission (POA) school net on Hong Kong Island, covering the whole Southern District. True - the primary schools in this catchment area may not be as well-known as those in other school nets on Hong Kong Island, and there are not as many options for parents. However, with less competition and the fine performances of the primary schools there, School Net 18 is still an attractive choice for parents with primary school-aged children. And not to forget - the low population density and proximity to nature in Southern District offer children a spacious and free environment to explore and grow, which is a rare quality for the action-packed metropolitan. Wondering what primary school and property options in Southern District there are? Let's dive in and look at the advantages of School Net 18 and our hot property recommendations within this catchment area.

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School Net 18: Southern District Primary One Admission (POA) Results & Data Highlights

1. High Top 3 Choices Admission Rate

According to the results from 2022's Report on Primary One Admission, 90% of students in School Net 18 were admitted to a primary school among their top 3 choices, which is the second highest among all of the Hong Kong Island school nets. Around 50 - 70% of the students are allocated to schools in Southern District under the central allocation process.

2. Numerous Feeder and Nominated Schools associated with School Net 18 Primary Schools

Compared to other school nets on Hong Kong Island or the 4 most desirable catchment areas, School Net 18 hosts fewer traditionally-prestigious schools. However, primary schools in School Net 18 still offer a lot of feeder and nominated school associations with prestigious secondary schools in Hong Kong.

School Net 18: Top Schools & Properties in HK's Southern District

Feeder schools - According to the General Information on Secondary School Places Allocation (SSPA) System from the Education Bureau in Hong Kong, after deducting repeaters and discretionary places, feeder secondary schools may reserve 85% of the remaining Secondary 1 places for students from their feeder primary schools.

School Net 18: Top Schools & Properties in HK's Southern District

Nominated Schools - Similarly, nominated schools can reserve a maximum of 25% of their Secondary 1 places for students from their nominated primary schools.

School Net 18: Top Schools & Properties in HK's Southern District

Property Search in School Net 18 / Southern District

School Net 18 covers Aberdeen, Ap Lei Chau, Pokfulam, Stanley, Wong Chuk Hang, Tai Tam, Shouson Hill, Deep Water Bay, Repulse Bay, South Bay, Chung Hom Kok, Wah Fu Estate, Wah Kwai Estate, Tin Wan, Shek Pai Wan, South Horizons, and Bel-Air in Southern District. Depending on your personal needs, there are various properties in the area to choose from, ranging from high-end residential options to large housing estates and small-to-medium-sized apartments. Additionally, aided by recent government developments, such as the "Invigorating Island South" project, there is an emerging improvement potential for residential buildings and the overall living standards in Hong Kong's Southern district.

School Net 18 / Southern District Property Recommendations

1. Pokfulam Hot Properties

Nearby schools:
S.K.H. Chi Fu Chi Nam Primary School, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Hok Shan School, St. Paul's College Primary School
Popular Estates:
Baguio Villa (Victoria Rd, 550, Pokfulam)
Pokfulam Gardens (Pok Fu Lam Road)
Chi Fu Fa Yuen (Chi Fu Road 9, Pok Fu Lam)

2. Ap Lei Chau Hot Properties

Nearby schools:
Aplichau Kaifong Primary School, St. Peter's Catholic Primary School
Popular Estates:
The Southland(Heung Yip Road 11)
Sham Wan Towers(No.3 Ap Lei Chau Drive)
Larvotto(8 Ap Lei Chau Praya Road)

Living and Transportation in School Net 18/Southern District

Apart from school networks, convenience in day-to-day living and transportation are crucial considerations when deciding to purchase or rent a property. Hong Kong's Southern District is a well-known oasis away from the city's hustle and bustle and it's home to numerous beaches and parks, such as Deep Water Bay Beach. Other facilities in the district are well-developed to satisfy residents' various needs.

The extreme convenience in transportation is also a huge plus for those living in Southern District - Aberdeen Tunnel seamlessly connects the district and other parts of Hong Kong. Moreover, after the opening of the MTR South Island Line in 2016, it has become extremely convenient and easy to reach Admiralty and other core parts of Hong Kong Island.

Interested to look for a new home within School Net 18 and in Hong Kong's Southern District? You can Start your search today, or Contact us for tailored tips and advice according to your needs and budget.

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