School Net 12 Central Allocation Results Highlights and Property Recommendations in the Catchment Area

Tips on school net 12 Primary One Admission, top property options around English Primary Schools and the "must-have" list of properties that you should avoid.

Competition for the annual Primary One Admission is notoriously fierce. The first round of Discretionary Places allocation has an unimpressive success rate of less than 50%. Among the various school nets, Wan Chai (school net 12) is one of the 4 most sought-after catchment areas with prestigious and well-respected school options. However, with the low success rate in the first round, parents may need more information to brace themselves for the Central Allocation process. But do not frat - this blog has summarized findings from the latest “Report on Primary One Admission”, with insightful highlights for families soon applying for places in Primary 1 schools. We will also share some tips on Central Allocation for school net 12, recommendations for top properties in the catchment area, and a list of properties commonly mistakenly to be under school net 12.
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School Net 12 Primary One Admission (POA) Results Highlights

1. District with the Most English Primary Schools in Hong Kong

Wan Chai (school net 12) is the catchment area with the most English primary schools in Hong Kong, including the highly regarded Marymount Primary School (girls’ school) and St. Joseph’s Primary School (boys’ school). Commonly known as “happy schools”, Li Sing Tai Hang School and Sir Kadoorie Primary School also fall in school net 12 in Wan Chai, supporting non-Chinese speaking students in the metropolitan.

If you are looking for an English primary school, be prepared for some intense competitions, as only 32 out of the 500 primary schools in Hong Kong are English-speaking, among which only 11 are local public schools. Wan Chai (School Net 12) is the catchment area with the highest interest.

2. Numerous through-train, prestigious feeder, and nominated secondary schools

Compared to the Central and Western District (school net 11), there are significantly more through-train, feeder, or nominated primary schools with Band 1 Secondary school partners in the Wan Chai district (school net 12) . Here are some of the top primary schools and their feeder and nominated secondary associates:

Feeder schools - According to the General Information on Secondary School Places Allocation (SSPA) System from the Education Bureau in Hong Kong, after deducting repeaters and discretionary places, feeder secondary schools may reserve 85% of the remaining Secondary 1 places for students from their feeder primary schools.

School Net 12 Central Allocation Results Highlights and Property Recommendations in the Catchment Area

Nominated Schools - Similarly, nominated schools can reserve a maximum of 25% of their Secondary 1 places for students from their nominated primary schools.

School Net 12 Central Allocation Results Highlights and Property Recommendations in the Catchment Area

“Through-train” schools – A through-train partnership between a primary and a secondary school offers the opportunity for Primary 6 students to continue their education in Secondary 1 without any an entry exam or participation in the central allocation process. One of the most significant advantages of a “through-train” aided primary school is that its secondary “through-train” partner will guarantee the acceptance of all primary 6 students into secondary 1.

School Net 12 Central Allocation Results Highlights and Property Recommendations in the Catchment Area

3. District with the Lowest number of eligible Primary 1 students in Hong Kong

There are 15 primary schools in the Wan Chai (school net 12) catchment area, but the district has the lowest number of children eligible for Primary 1 schooling in Hong Kong.

According to the Education Bureau, each year, there are roughly 1000 school-age children in the Wan Chai district eligible for POA between 2023 and 2027. In comparison to 1400-1700 children in the Southern District (school net 18), 2800-3700 in the Eastern District (school net 14 and 16), and 1300-1400 in the Central and Western District (school net 11), there is a significantly higher chance of acceptance for parents and children considering to apply for school net 12.

4. 74.3%^ Received a Place From Top Three Choices

Parents who have read the information from the Education Bureau would know that nearly half of the Primary 1 places are distributed in the Central Allocation process to students who reside in the catchment area. During the Central Allocation stage, 74.3% of students in school net 12 received a spot from one of their top three favorite primary schools. This is the 6th highest in Hong Kong. The competitions in other popular school nets are more intense, with a success rate of 71.9% in North Point (school net 14) and 69.8% in the Eastern District (school net 16).

^Education Bureau Statistics 2020

❖ Which Properties Fall in the Wan Chai School Net 12 Catchment Area?

According to information from the Education Bureau, parents who are interested in moving to the catchment area of Wan Chai (school net 12), a residency in the following areas and properties grants you eligibility for POA in the school net: Wan Chai, Causeway Bay, Tai Hang, Happy Valley, Jardine’s Lookout, So Kon Po, Shiu Fai Terrace, Tung Shan Terrace, Lai Tak Tsuen, Villa Monte Rosa, Evergreen Villa, Park Towers, and Dragon Terrace. In addition to the numerous luxury options, there are also many properties for sale, which are suitable for middle-class and small families. We recommend an early start on the property search, to avoid the peak season in June and July. Here are some of the favored properties in high demand:

1. Wan Chai Hot Properties (School Net 12)
Nearby schools:

● Hennessy Road Government School, St. Francis’ Canossian School, St. Joseph’s Primary School, Raimondi College Primary Section*

Popular Estates:

● J Residence (60 Johnston Road)
● Convention Plaza Apartments (1 Harbour Road)
● Starcrest (9 Start Street)
● The Avenue (Lee Tung Avenue)
● The Zenith (3 Wan Chai Road)
● One Wanchai (1 Wan Chai Road)

2. Causeway Bay Hot Properties (School Net 12)
Nearby schools:

● Hennessy Road Government School, Sir Ellis Kadoorie (S) Primary School, St Paul’s Convent School*

Luxury Estates:

● Park Haven (38 Haven Street)
● yoo Residence (33 Tung Lo Wan Road)

3. Happy Valley Hot Properties (School Net 12)
Nearby schools:

● Marymount Primary School, Previous Blood Primary School, St. Paul’s Primary Catholic School, Po Kok Primary School

Luxury Estates:

● The Leighton Hill (2 Broadwood Road)
● Broadwood Twelve (12 Broadwood Road)
● Regent Hill (1 Lun Hing Street)
● The Altitude (20 Shan Kwong Road)
● 23-39 Blue Pool Road (23-39 Blue Pool Road)
● Beverly Hill (6 Broadwood Road)
● Flora Garden (7 Chun Fai Road)

4. Tai Hang Hot Properties (School Net 12)
Nearby schools:

● Li Sing Tai Hang School, True Light Middle School of Hong Kong (Primary Section)*

Luxury Estates:

● The Legend (23 Tai Hang Dr, Jardine's Lookout)
● 339 Tai Hang Road (339 Tai Hang Road)
● Verde Green (16 Wang Fung Terrace)
● Jones Hive (8 Jones St)
● Illumination Terrace (5-7 Tai Hang Rd)

5. Tin Hau & North Point Hot Properties (School Net 12)
Nearby school:

● North Point Government Primary School

Stand-alone Buildings:

● Golden Court, 22-52 Electric Road

Luxury Estates:

● Park Towers (1 King’s Road)
● The Pavilia Hill (18A Tin Hau Temple Road)

*A private school that does not take part in the central allocation

❖ Living in School Net 12 Catchment Area

The school net 12 catchment area spans from commercial districts to busy downtown, to mid-levels areas. To choose the right part of the district to build your new home, first, consider your family’s living habits and needs. In our experience serving clients interested in finding a property in school net 12, most full-time working parents prefer Wan Chaiand Causeway Bay, areas with the best public transport connections. In addition to being the home districts of many top-notched schools, the easy access to MTR stations means that traveling from home to different parts of Hong Kong Island is merely a 10-minute commute. There are also various cross-harbor bus routes available in the areas, making it a desirable location to live.

If you are seeking a suitable home for a small family with a tighter budget, there are also a variety of smaller property options in the quieter Tin Hau and Tai Hang. For those looking for high functionality, you won’t find a better option than North Point. Although property options in North Point that fall under school net 12 are mostly on Mid-levels, the North Point Market and various wet markets in the area make living costs relatively affordable.

To summarize, living in school net 12 has huge advantages:

● Ample property options (old and new) with easy access to MTR stations
● Increasing supply of new estates that were built in the last decade
● No shortage of buying options with a smaller budget
● Well-developed community, extremely convenient and family-friendly
● Close to SCAA, Happy Valley Racecourse and other similar club facilities
● Diverse shopping opportunities with huge shopping malls in the area

❖ Properties That Just Miss the Cut for School Net 12

Sometimes it is hard to be sure of where one school net ends and the other begins, especially near the areas of Tin Hau, North Point and Mid-Levels East, where one street’s distance means the difference between school net 12 and school net 14. Please note that the following properties do not fall under school net 12:

● Hong Kong Parkview
● Sea View Mansion
● Hing Hon Building
● Aroma Court
● King Fai Court
● Victoria Tower
● Grand Villa
● Fu Fai Court
● Piedmont Garden
● Serene Court
● King Yu Court
● Comfort Heights
● Comfort Gardens
● Cannon Garden

With a continuous drop of school-age children in Wan Chai, parents who are aiming for school net 12 can be hopeful about the next round of results from the central allocation.

Are you looking to buy or rent a new property in or around school net 12 before the new school year starts? Start searching today, or Contact us our highly experienced team specialized in property search in this school net.

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